Patient describes freedom from years of misery through Renaissance Health and Wellness allergy treatments.

( — September 28, 2015) Fort Smith, AR — A new Renaissance Health & Wellness patient testimonial video features an allergy patient who found relief after facing years of debilitating attacks due to seasonal allergies.  The story of Francis Darneal can be seen here:


“By this time of the year I would have been on antibiotics at least three times and I haven’t had to,” said Darneal. 

Darneal lives in rural Oklahoma about thirty minutes outside Fort Smith.  During the fall, hay is cut and baled in preparation for transport.  That spelled misery for Darneal who is allergic to hay as well as other environmental allergens.  Darneal says she couldn’t go outside her home without feeling allergy symptoms such as sneezing, coughing and headaches that often lead to sinus infections.  Darneal found permanent relief after being treated at Renaissance Health and Wellness. 

“Everyone told me you won’t see a different for several months but I did the first month,” said Darneal.  

At Renaissance Health & Wellness, a patient’s individual allergy triggers are determined before they leave their first visit. The process begins with a skin test that exposes the patient to small amounts of 48 allergens specific to the local area. These include pollen, weeds, molds, grasses and a few foods. 

“The goal of allergy injections is to desensitize patients to whatever their trigger is so that their symptoms are greatly diminished,” said Taesha Winford, Renaissance Nurse Practitioner and allergy expert. “One of the advantages to this approach is that the treatment is unique to the individual. We formulate injections just for them.”

Similar to most patients, Darneal’s allergy program started with twice a week treatments, then once a week.  Eventually she will come only once a month until she is completely desensitized to her allergies.  But already, Darneal is a satisfied patient.

“I haven’t had a single sinus infection since I started these shots – not one,” said Darneal

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