The Barbados Tourism Encyclopedia launches PersonaHolidays, the premier personal vacation planner for travelers looking for hotels and holiday options matching their personality.

Barbados Gets Personal in Travel
Barbados Gets Personal in Travel

( — December 1, 2016) Brittons Hill, St. Michael — Barbados has implemented a new way to help travelers get truly personal vacations with its first-of-a-kind Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology by PersonaHolidays.

The new technology is integrated with the hundreds of pages on the Official Barbados Tourism Encyclopedia Website, The BTE was one of the first tourism destinations to create their own booking engine. Now with the integration of PersonaHolidays’ personal vacations planner, provides the ultimate in personalization with truly personal holidays.

The new technology has been validated for several months and the results are significant. Details of the actual process may be seen on the Barbados Blog about Personal Vacations planning using PersonaHolidays AI and psychological profiling technology. Personalization based on proven psychological and behavior predictive technology takes custom holidays to a new level of individual relevance.

“We have shown that visits to the Persona channel improved bookings significantly,” say Kathy-Lynn Ward COO of “In fact the bookings jumped by 300 to 500% when guests use the Persona channel to search for and book their vacations. Users particularly like the way that the system instantly creates their travel persona and matches them with the perfect holiday options for their personality.”

Persona Holidays was established for the ‘evolving world of vacation planning’, as ‘New innovative software takes holiday planning to an entirely new level of Personal.’ The technology is designed for destination marketers, small and mid-sized hotel chains, hotel marketing groups and associations and others who use online travel planning and booking services. It is built for destination marketing organizations who want to get more bookings with leading AI and personality pairing technology.

It can be implemented, as it was for Barbados, without having to redesign, rebuild, re-engineer or replace existing legacy system, or buy expensive technology. PersonaHolidays is unlike existing travel booking and planning platforms as they do not provide truly personalized recommendations. The traditional booking engines and indeed, even’s own systems typically overwhelm vacationers with too many choices that are not at all personal. PersonaHolidays’ mission is to provide no more than a few very targeted recommendations that perfectly match hotels with travelers by character.

Recommendation engines are not new but Persona is the only such AI software to integrate leading psychology research into travel planning. Many years of effort have gone into analyzing travelers’ behavior, and studying psychological tests like Kolbe, Myers Briggs and HowtoFacinate. Persona is alone in using AI based psychology, behavior analysis,hotel  matchmaking and branding expertise that marry hotels with travelers of compatible persona. 

It is an innovate technology that helps hotel and travel marketers attract and engage more visitors and convert more bookings using leading hotel matchmaker intelligence. It is totally different to conventional travel planning solutions that do not provide truly personal recommendations. Based on the excellent feedback, the Barbados Personal Holiday Planner is working remarkably well, with most visitors commenting that the profiling is right on target. See it in action here –

PersonaHolidays Opportunity

PersonaHolidays plans to license the Ai technology to other destinations, association and groups. The company already has significant interest from chain hotels and niche suppliers. It is looking for investment in order to launch internationally. Interested parties may request further details at

About Barbados Tourism Encyclopedia, the Barbados Tourism Encyclopedia, is a Barbadian private company. It was established in 1995 and was one of the very first multimedia destination websites. It has a long list of Tourism innovations that include the first booking system for Facebook for small hotels. It was featured in the New York Times for its expertise in social media. The website has several thousand unique visitors per year. It offers various travel guides, product directories and vacation planning and booking services. PersonaHolidays is the latest addition to the long list of technology. It provides a comprehensive services to the island’s tourism suppliers as well as travelers.

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