Bird Feeder Manufacturer Tops 200 Positive Reviews on Amazon Marketplace in the Patio and Lawn Category.

Window Bird Feeder to Enjoy Wild Birds up Close
Window Bird Feeder for Small and Large Wild Birds

( — August 26, 2016) Woodbridge, Virginia — Kanaryware, a leading retailer of bird feeders, has reached more than 200 positive reviews in the Amazon marketplace, even though it only launched seven months ago. 96% of reviews are 4 stars or higher, a testament to their quality product and service.

“We are thrilled to see this many happy customers. It makes the hard work worthwhile”, said Amanda Condry, owner of Kanaryware,”It’s difficult to know how one’s products will be received by the market, so it’s good to get positive feedback.”

One customer, Mariska posted the following review, “This feeder STAYS on the window. I liked the first one so much I bought another. I have both on my front windows so I can sit in my living room and watch the birds. This bird feeder is solid and well made. I will buy from this company again!”

Kate, another customer bought the feeder as a gift, “I got this for my granddaughter. She is 6 and just loves watching the birds flying in and around the trees in her yard. I thought this would be great for her to be able to watch them up close. Very well made and it has the mirror so the birds don’t see you watching them! This was a GREAT gift and everyone is thrilled!!! Just had our first birds this morning!!”

When asked about Kanaryware’s next goals, Amanda replied, “I’m happy with the progress of the company and our emphasis on the customer experience, but would never rest on my laurels. We plan to build on this impetus and continuously improve our product and our business model, with growth and extreme attention to the most miniscule of details.”

More information about the brand and their bird feeders is available at and on their Amazon product page, (


About Kanaryware

Located in Virginia, Kanaryware is focused on sharing a passion for wildlife and birds. Bird watching is now a comfortable, educational and fun activity. Customers receive 5-star service and know they are investing in quality. Kanaryware also gives back to their favorite charity, which helps children in developing countries become literate.