In just 24 hours, BitsharesX ripped past Ripple moving from #4 to #3 according to But who is this upstart to the crypto-currency market?

BitsharesX bypasses Ripple marketcap
BitSharesX bypasses Ripple

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BitsharesX is essentially the world’s first virtual vault where you alone have the key.

You can buy, sell and trade any kind of virtual asset such as gold, silver or even company stock.

Instantly (well, within 10 seconds), right from your account, with anyone in the world.


Sounds too good to be true.

BitsharesX is not a knock-off crytocurrency mill, but a Distributed Autonomous Company (DAC) for Bitshares in which the goal is to maximize the equity.

BitsharesX is the brain-child of Daniel Larimer, a software engineer and entrepreneur with an abiding passing for fostering radically decentralized businesses – including his own.

“I want to do business on a handshake and make reputation primary, because if your reputation is damaged it’s the worst thing that can happen and your business suffers”, says Larimer.

He continues, “It’s about the Golden Rule with a slight twist: ‘Don’t do unto others as you don’t want them to do unto you.”

According to marketing director Brian Page, “anyone can use the BitShares software to build a DAC.”

“Within that, there are many kinds of shares and many kinds of companies. The commonality is that they’re all digital and exist only as software”, says Page.

Why the sudden rise in capitalization?

Looks like it was mainly due to the increased volume in the BTC/PTS pair.

Can BitsharesX overtake Litecoin?

Only time will tell but my bet is on BitsharesX!

. BitsharesX will be there to answer your questions live, direct from the audience.

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