Donating your motorcycle has never been easier than with Cars2Charities. Cars2Charities will repair, refurbish, and resell your motorcycle donation. All motorcycle donations are tax deductible.

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Scooters & Motorcycles of All Makes & Models Now Accepted

( — September 30, 2015) Fullerton, CA — All motorcycle owners should know that their used and possibly broken down motorcycle can be put to good use. Motorcycle donations to Cars2Charities are a great way to give back and are tax deductible.  Donating your motorcycle to Cars2Charities will give you the opportunity to choose a charity that you care about and offer them direct support.

All motorcycle donations are done with a distinctly hands-on approach. Cars2Charities has it down to a science. When you donate your motorcycle with Cars2Charities, you’ll follow this easy process:


1)    Call 855-520-2100

2)    Schedule A Pickup

3)    Improve your vehicle


After that, they’ll sell your vehicle for up to 25-50 percent more than when you brought it in. We can add value to just about any donated motorcycle we receive. Our motorcycle donation process is as simple as it gets, not to mention effective and timely.


When you call Cars2Charities, you can expect the call to last between 3 and 5 minutes. They’ll set up a convenient time for a tow truck driver to come to your house, or wherever the motorcycle or scooter is located, and tow it away at no charge. They’ll have it off your hands within 24-72 hours.

Cars2Charities works with the DMV to make the process of donating your motorcycle a simple one. They can even help motorcycle owners who can’t find their title or registration. They’ll contact the DMV and release you from liability of the vehicle and process any of the paperwork. Donate your motorcycle stress free and support a great cause.

Have a specific charity you want to help out? We will donate the proceeds to a charity of your choice.  Choose a local charity and we’ll focus on getting them the proceeds. If you don’t have a specific charity, Cars2Charities allows you to pick a charity group with an emphasis on whatever you’re passionate about? Whether you want to support a veterans’ charity or a disaster relief charity, Cars2Charities can help you support whatever you’re passionate about.


All motorcycle donations are tax deductible. Cars2Charities will provide you with a receipt after your old bike is towed, and follow up with an IRS Form 1098-C when it’s sold. You’ll see the exact price your donated motorcycle was sold for, and how

Many people who have motorcycles lying around in their garage or on their property may grow tired of paying the registration fees, insurance feeds, or even maintenance. Take care of those costs and give to a good cause at the same time.

Cars2Charities is the best in the organization when it comes to motorcycle donations. Donate your motorcycle with ease. Support a cause you really care about and get a tax deduction. One 3 minute call is all it takes. Go online to or call 855-520-2100. 7 days a week.