The right DNS server will help you access online video services like Netflix and Hulu while traveling.

Tired Traveler

( — August 16, 2016) — Traveling for business can hold unique and startling challenges and cause you frustration and stress. When you are working outside of your normal community or country, there are directional issues to be addressed, the unfamiliar surroundings, and of course the often pesky problem of what to do during your down time. 

If you are like most people, watching videos – whether television shows, newscasts, or simply sensational, funny favorites – is a sure way to relax and unwind after a full day of working. Also like most people, you may have encountered the problem of being unable to access global video services simply because you have not had the correct DNS server to assist you with this freedom. Here are reasons you should set yourself free and invest in the right DNS server before your next travel adventure – you’ll be glad that you did!

Freedom in Entertainment

1. Keep Up with Your Favorite Episodes: When you are traveling, you will want to have access to the websites that stream your favorite TV shows. Having the right DNS server allows you to stay current, even when you’re away from home. 

2. Immerse Yourself in a Movie (or Two!): No doubt, watching movies is a great way to unwind after a long, hard day of work. Websites like Hulu and Netflix can drain you of the strain from a grueling day and help you to relax and enjoy even the duller aspects of a business trip.

3. Be a Sport – Don’t Miss out on Your Sporting Events: If you are a sports fan who can remember the days of television where the standard TV only had 3 sports stations, then you certainly know why today’s technology is the answer to every fan’s prayer. The options of which sport to watch at any given time is almost endless – from golf to football and college to professionals, there is always something to see. Ensuring you have the proper DNS server before you travel will score you points as you stream the game or match of your choice.

4. Stay Informed: There are many options out there for global video services that keep you informed. For example, National Geographic, which brings you information about the nature of the planet, and PBS which offers a variety of educational and informative programming for people of all ages. Travelling abroad, you may also begin to simply miss news relative to your home, through channels such as CNN or MSNBC, or even your local news station.  These and many other options like them are a great way for you to stay in touch with your corner of the world, even as you continue in your travels.

Of course, these are just a few of the many reasons to secure a DNS server for your next trip.  However, unblocking your favorite global video services is a wise choice which will generally help to decrease your frustration level, and increase time spent making yourself relaxed and at home in your hotel room.