Art Gallery to celebrate Hawaii artist Thomas Deir and new Hawaii Abstract Paintings with ribbon cutting and music performed by Kenneth Makuakane.

( — December 14, 2015) Kailua, Hawaii — While attending an intimate unveiling of Hawaii Abstract Paintings by Hawaii Artist Thomas Deir, Gail Allen, owner of Island Treasures Art Gallery, decided to host a public celebration for the Hawaii artist and his new line of artwork, Hawaii Abstract Paintings. The event will be at Island Treasures Art Gallery, 602 Kailua Road #102, Kailua, HI 96734, on Friday, December 18, 2015, 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. The celebration will begin with a ribbon cutting ceremony to mark the public release of Deir’s abstract paintings. Festivities will include Hawaiian music performed by legendary musician Kenneth Makuakane.

Hawaii Abstract Paintings Sunset Wave by Hawaii Artist Thomas Deir“Over the years, our clientele has enjoyed Thomas Deir’s tropical paintings,” said Allen. “He is one of Hawaii’s popular artists. There is something very unique about Hawaii artist Thomas Deir and his artwork. Thomas is an inspiring person and his paintings have an inspirational and positive quality. His new works, Hawaii Abstract Paintings, have a fresh expression of Hawaii with movement, color, and emotion. The new paintings are very exciting! We are looking forward to celebrating the artist and his new work with his audience and the public!”

“I’ve received an overwhelmingly positive response when I unveiled Hawaii Abstract Paintings in November,” said Deir. “The two-day event allowed a segment of my clients to view the new artwork. I was a little nervous about showing my abstract paintings because my audience is very familiar with my tropical paintings and hand painted tile murals in the realist style. I didn’t know if they would react unfavorably to the abstract technique. I am excited and humbled to receive such a positive outpouring of appreciation from those who have seen my new work.”

“One of the questions I’m receiving is, ‘do I intend to stop creating tropical paintings?’ I’ll continue to paint tile murals in the realist style,” said Deir. “Most of the designs and themes for my tile murals come from my tropical-themed paintings on canvas. I have a very large collection of subject matter to draw from when designing hand painted tile murals. Of course there is always the possibility of receiving requests for hand painted tile murals based on designs from Hawaii Abstract Paintings.”

Hawaii artist Thomas Deir produces tropical canvas paintings, Giclée canvas prints, Honu (turtle) mosaics, and tile murals for residential and commercial properties. The most popular items for homes are tile murals for kitchens or bathrooms. The full collection of artwork can be seen online at

Thomas Deir Studios