Green Monster Shredding, the document destruction firm based in Rancho Santa Margarita, CA, discusses the impact of mobile green shredding services.

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( — September 29, 2015) Rancho Santa Margarita, CA —

Green Monster Shredding, the California-based secure document destruction company, is mindful of the environment. As part of its paper shredding service, the company goes the extra mile to bale and recycle every bit of the paper scrap it generates. This is beyond what similar companies in the industry do, and helps Green Monster stand out from competitors for its commitment to the ecology of Southern California. In fact, at the end of every year, the company provides each of their clients with an Environmental Certificate. These certificates help recognize clients’ contributions to keeping the planet healthy. “By recycling paper waste, impressive savings are possible,” says Shea Mutziger, (insert job title) of the company. “Every ton of recycled paper cuts energy and water uses in half as compared to virgin wood pulp products.” To learn more about the company, visit their website at .


Founded and operated by retired law enforcement professionals, Green Monster Shredding understands how important it is to protect personal data. The company offers secure, on-site shredding with its fleet of mobile vehicles, and the documents are protected at every step of the process. First, collection containers are provided to clients. These containers are lockable and very secure, preventing unwanted theft. The company then arranges for periodic pick-up of the documents and other sensitive materials, transferring them to secure mobile shredders or transporting them to the off-site facility for destruction. Every shredding job is accompanied by a Certificate of Destruction, confirming that documents have been destroyed to the point that they cannot be reconstructed.


Green Monster handles all paper shredding tasks, and also offers its clients destruction services for a variety of electronic media. These can include hard drives, optical platters, CDs, and data tapes. As with the paper shredding, electronic media are handled with the same end-to-end security, ensuring that mission-critical data does not fall into the wrong hands.


“The company is committed to providing safe, secure destruction of business and personal data,” adds Shea. “Green Monster can do that and still be stewards of the environment, reducing the impact on our area’s landfills and saving tremendous amounts of energy and water.” To learn more about this innovative mobile document destruction firm, visit .




Covering the Orange County region of California, Green Monster Shredding is the area’s premier secure document destruction firm. It is owned and operated by prior law enforcement personnel who have a real understanding of personal data security. The company offers mobile paper and hard-drive shredding services that are backed by the most stringent of Federal standards for security and safety. The company is ecologically-minded, too, recycling the paper scrap its shredding service generates.

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