Isabelle Bichindaritz, current Director of Biomedical Informatics at SUNY Oswego, was recently appointed Lab Director for a new Research Lab.

Isabelle Bichindaritz
Biomedical and Health Informatics Research Lab on the SUNY Oswego Campus

( — October 28, 2015) Huntington Beach, California — Dr. Isabelle Bichindaritz was recently named the Director of the new Biomedical and Health Informatics Research Laboratory at the SUNY Oswego Metro Center in Syracuse, New York. This new laboratory is part of a five-campus Labs to Jobs consortium funded by the SUNY 2020 Challenge Grant program. This advanced $1.42 million research laboratory will be overseen by Dr. Bichindaritz, who is the current director of Biomedical Informatics for the school. The lab will focus on training master’s degree students in using information technology and big data to help develop healthcare and health research for patients. “The new laboratory will be a center for expanding research,” says Isabelle. “Biomedical data is the next revolutionary component in improving human health.” To learn more about Isabelle, visit .

Dr. Bichinaritz joined the SUNY Oswego faculty in 2012. She specializes in artificial intelligence and its applications to medicine, particularly applying this knowledge to developing systems designed to work directly alongside physicians. These systems collect and harness pertinent patient data in order to create treatment plans for those patients. The innovative application of biomedical data in medicine can be used to provide healthcare advice or suggest diagnoses for complex conditions, improving patient outcomes. During her career, Dr. Bichindaritz has been instrumental in chairing or co-chairing international conferences and workshops on biomedical informatics, so the new laboratory directorship is well within her talents. 

The new SUNY Oswego lab received support from Governor Andrew Cuomo’s NY SUNY 2020 program, which is groundbreaking legislation aimed at supporting workforce training and learning opportunities for students in the State University of New York campus system. This innovative program is designed to enhance SUNY’s capacity as an economic development driver for communities around the state, and Dr. Bichindaritz is proud to be part of the process. “I am excited by the opportunity to lead this important laboratory,” Isabelle adds. “My colleagues and I cannot wait to begin research on implementing informatics into healthcare decisions.” Learn more about new SUNY Oswego Lab here: .

About Dr. Isabelle Bichindaritz

Dr. Isabelle Bichindaritz is an assistant professor at SUNY Oswego and Director of Biomedical Informatics. After receiving a PhD in Computer Science from University Reneé Descartes – Paris V, Dr. Bichindaritz served as a research scientist at several prominent facilities, including the National School of Public Health and the University of Washington’s Tacoma Institute of Technology. Her research focuses on decision and data analytics in healthcare and biomedical research as well as in artificial intelligence in medicine. She has authored or co-authored more than 100 papers in peer reviewed journals and conferences.

Dr. Isabelle Bichindaritz