Kansas Counselors of Kansas City, Inc., Offers a Unique Service That Recovers Bad Debts While Allowing Companies to Focus on Growing New Accounts.

KCI Debt Collection Services
KCI uses top technologies to help companies recover bad debt.

(Newswire.net — October 16, 2015) Lenexa, KS — In business, it’s all about growth. Your business can’t thrive if your staff is dedicating all its energy to its accounts receivable back log. Kansas Counselors is a full service accounts receivable management company, and they will turn your accounts receivable into revenue. Kansas Counselors acts as an extension of your growing business, taking care of the accounts receivable end to free up time so that you can focus on bigger and better things. The professional team at KCI is here not only to collect debts, but to strengthen customer relations and help your company grow by treating all of your customers with the utmost respect. They handle all the details, such as communicating with customers through letters and reminders, monitoring regular payers, and following up. They can handle as much or as little of your accounts receivable back log as you prefer. They will tactfully take care of any issues that arise before they become larger and more costly problems.

KCI frequently receives comments from the creditors they represent such as, “Just when we thought we had exhausted every possible resource to recover a lot of our delinquent accounts, KCI stepped in and relieved us.” Or, feedback similar to, “They’ve been great for our bottom line, and we’ll be using them in the future.”  Or, even a response like, “The best part is that our customers actually ENJOY talking to them!”

KCI uses the most advanced technology and skip tracing techniques available to bring you fantastic debt recovery results and bring more revenue into your office. Even your oldest accounts are not a lost cause when you put the team on the job.

The team at KCI is excited to offer personalized workshops and seminars, deigned to meet the needs of your particular company. They’ll work one-on-one to help your staff develop communication skills in several key areas, sharpen their negotiation skills, and to develop new, out-of-the box collections strategies.

About: With nearly 60 years of business experience, Kansas Counselors is a financially solid, knowledgeable company with strong roots in the collections industry. Their highly skilled collections team is used across the country by creditors and health care providers due to their long track record of success. Their goal is to not only recover your bad debts, but to help grow your business along the way. They free up your valuable time, which is better spent growing new business. They nurture your existing customer base by treating each and every customer with respect, regardless of the circumstances. At KCI, they turn accounts receivable into revenue.

Kansas Counselors of Kansas City, Inc.

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