There are various ways to increase magnesium intake, and one is to use the Magnesium Oil Spray offered by Purest Vantage.

( — March 16, 2017) Orlando, FL — Coffee is widely believed to be one of the beverages that could improve alertness and energy. However, it appears that its energy-boosting abilities are inferior over a therapeutic mineral.

Magnesium could increase energy levels better than coffee. It can’t be denied that the importance of this mineral is widely overlooked. As a matter of fact, there are many people from around the world who are deficient of this mineral.

It is worth mentioning that magnesium deficiency could have negative effects on overall health. There are those who suffer from certain types of diseases or disorders who are unaware that their condition is due to magnesium deficiency.

It is, thus, imperative for consumers to ensure that they do not come close to becoming deficient of magnesium. In terms of its effects on energy levels, some researchers suggest that this mineral is a vital component in ATP production.

Adenosine triphosphate (ATP) is a coenzyme, and it takes care of energy transportation within the cells for metabolism. It is also utilized in division of cells and a whole host of processes.

Every day, there are many cells that die and ATP is needed for the cell production processes. According to some experts, it is constantly reused within the body. As a matter of fact in a healthy body, ATP is recycled more than 500 times.

It is worth mentioning that magnesium is required in all enzymes, which utilize or synthesize ATP. One of the primary roles of this miracle mineral is energy production, through its partnership with ATP. Such a partnership is could MgATP.

It is necessary for ATP to be partnered with magnesium to become biologically active. According to some researchers, the MgATP complex serves as some kind of a chemical battery, which powers numerous processes and functions. This could include the ability of the mitochondria to produce more ATP of food energy.

There are many processes in the body that depend on ATP for energy. Since ATP relies on magnesium, it is easy to assume that the energy levels of the body could significantly and deeply depend on magnesium.

Thus, deficiency of this mineral could also cause energy levels to spiral down. There are various ways to increase magnesium intake, and one is to use the Magnesium Oil Spray offered by Purest Vantage.

This product is extremely easy to use especially that consumers only need to use the spray to take advantage of the therapeutic and energy-boosting effects of magnesium. This fast-absorbing formula has the ability to deliver high levels of magnesium inside the body (


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