Cash back apps are gaining popularity, and rightfully so: using an app that puts money in your pocket makes shopping both enjoyable and profitable.

Cash Back Apps

( — May 19, 2017) — Earning cash back rewards on spending gas become the de facto standard of smart shopping. Making expenses profitable may sound a contradiction in terms, but it is an integral part of a new shopping reality. Although such programs are on the menu of retailers and credit card companies, it is the most value.

Looking for the Best Deal? Consider Cash Back Apps

Getting the best value for your money is in human nature: even conspicuous consumers know better than to waste money if they can get what they want for a bargain price. Rest assured that marketers are also well aware of this (after all, they also are humans, as implausible as it seems). They know that offering discounts and special deals is a fail proof strategy to lure you into making a purchase. But the sad truth of life is that someone has to pay for it eventually, and if you don’t use the opportunity to , it will be you. 

If you don’t want to be the one who foots the bill at the end of the day, you need a smart shopping strategy. It often means enrollment in all sorts of loyalty programs, but they have their drawbacks. 

Loyal customers do get their discounts and special offers, but chances are they are missing out on better deals elsewhere at the same time; such is the power of habit. In other words, enrollment in a loyalty program certainly benefits the vendor, but are you sure it’s just as good for you? 

Now, cash back apps are another matter: they offer much broader choice of vendors and they put ready money in your pocket, fair and square. Sounds much more convincing than earning miles or store credit, right?

Choosing the Right App for You

Not surprisingly, different people have different needs. If you’re a frequent traveler, you’ll be looking for cash back apps that are partnering with booking companies, hotels, and . If you’re a foodie, you’ll consider apps that reward you for dining out. Avid shoppers will be hunting for the best deals from their favorite stores, and so on.

Methods of payment should also be taken into consideration. Remember, it’s called cash back for a reason: it is cash that you’re after, not some vague promise to give you something some time later in the future. Apps that credit rewards to your PayPal account are optimal: PayPal is an industry standard in online payment, and you can easily withdraw money to your bank account. 

That said, finding the best app requires some research on your part: choose the app that best suits your needs and shopping habits to make the most out of your spending. But doing your homework literally pays: remember, they are called cash back apps for a reason.