Heartless mom, 32 years old, was arrested after dumping her two-year-old daughter in a supermarket in California.

Vilaysane's social media pages show that she is 32 years old and that her daughter's name is Danica

(Newswire.net — March 16, 2017) — Chiengkham ‘Cindy’ Vilaysane left her daughter at Food-4-Less store in Riverdale, CA on Sunday night.

Furthermore, when one of the customers tried to bring the child who was roamed in the store alone back to her, Cindy reportedly responded, “oh just leave her.”

A surveillance video from the Food-4-Less store in Riverdale, which later appeared on the Internet as well, shows the terrible act of this heartless mom.

The video shows a young woman in a black T-shirt pushing a shopping cart, and a little girl going behind her, with the mother literally paying no attention to her at all.

The toddler is seen wandering off, and the woman continuing shopping, without making an attempt to discover the child’s whereabouts.

The next scene shows the woman alone, paying for the groceries and leaving the toddler behind. The mother then left the store, also alone, and the little girl stayed in the supermarket. 

The police arrived at the Food-4-Less store in Riverdale on Sunday night where they found the stranded child unharmed but alone. They showed the toddler the surveillance video, and she identified Vilaysane, in the black tank top and shorts, as her “mommy”.

The police found her and arrested over claims that she deliberately dumped her two-year-old daughter in a busy supermarket. She is currently in custody on suspicion of “child endangerment, child neglect and being under the influence of controlled substances,” Daily Mail reports.

The abandoned girl was placed in the care of Child Protective Services, and they said that although she is upset, she is in good health.
“In my whole career I have never seen anything where out-of the blue someone leaves their kid in a crowded grocery store like this,” Riverside Police Officer, Ryan Railsback, told Fox news.

Vilaysane’s social media pages show that she is 32 years old and that her daughter’s name is Danica. Also, her Facebook profile is full of loving photos of her and her daughter, but a post from March 2 said that she is “ready to leave whenever”, with her “husband to be”.

Her Facebook page also lists her as a Junior Production Officer at the U.S. Department of Defense.

She has no criminal record in Riverside County.

Source: http://newswire.net/newsroom/news/00095601-mother-leaves-her-two-year-old-daughter-in-a-supermarket.html