Vamos announces further updates to their fleet and improves reservation system to guarantee transmission preference at time of booking.
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Brand New 2017 Mitsubishi Montero Wagons
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( — August 3, 2016) Alajuela, Alajuela — Vamos Rent-A-Car moves forward with its “Happy Experiences, More Smiles” campaign, following the acquisition of its brand name by Poas Rent A Car in April.  The expansion and updating of its vehicle fleet, and improvements to its reservation system to guarantee online transmission choice; customers are benefiting from the invigorating change of ownership.

The acquisition of five brand new 2017 Mitsubishi Montero Wagons, four 2014 Toyota Prados and six later model Toyota RAV4s increases the fleet to ensure more availability in peak seasons and to accommodate preferred model requests.

The Monteros make parking a breeze with rear view cameras and sensors so that reversing into an obstacle is just about impossible!  They also have state-of-the-art touch screen radios for the tunes to accompany any journey.

The updated Prados will be warmly welcomed by loyal Vamos customers with a preference for these luxurious and spacious Toyotas.  The additional automatic transmission RAV4s will make transmission choice even easier.

These vehicles are in addition to the 2016 SsangYong Korandos that were introduced to the fleet at the start of this year with the aim to continue to modernize and upgrade the vehicles available for rental.

Vamos customers have asked for guaranteed transmission choice when reserving their vehicles, rather than this being dependant on availability. The reservation system has now been updated to guarantee vehicle transmission from the moment of online booking.

The Waze navigation devices that were introduced in May in response to a need for an improvement on the bulky GPS systems have been warmly received by customers.  The real-time road updates, routes and journey times are proving a great success — and convenience for travelers.

Renters were looking for newer vehicles, guaranteed vehicle transmission, and better navigational tools — now those requests have been fulfilled.  What’s next, but to enjoy a relaxing vacation and to smile more?

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