Thanks to Renaissance Health & Wellness, viewers learned that hormone balance is key to shredding belly fat.

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Featured here, after losing more than 100 pounds, and with her before photo inset below, Instructor, Lorriedawn Robinson continues to help Renaissance Health & Wellness patients learn to lose weight and live healthier lives.

( — September 24, 2015) Little Rock , AR — Certified Wellness Instructor, Lorriedawn Robinson, appeared on KATV ABC 7 Good Morning Arkansas on September 21 to share the weight loss program at Renaissance Health and Wellness which is uniquely designed to help people shred belly fat.

“Wellness at Renaissance is really looking at the core issues, why are you not losing weight what is causing your body to retain fat,” Robinson told Good Morning Arkansas host, Chris Krane.


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Robinson herself has lost more than 100 pounds along with countless other patients.  The Renaissance program focuses on hormone imbalance as well as diet and exercise to create a plan targeted to each individual. 

According to Robinson hormones are the chemical messengers in every cell in the body.  It regulates moods, energy and physical wellbeing.  If hormones are imbalanced then the whole body is imbalanced making it difficult to lose weight.  Renaissance addresses this by reviewing the patient’s history and conducting a full hormone panel with each patient.

“We spend a full hour with the patient that first consult day so we can begin to tell what’s going on in their body,” said Robinson.  “We address hormones, thyroid, food sensitivities all in that day and by the time they leave they will have a complete plan and know where they’re going next.” 

The goal of Wellness at Renaissance is permanent loss of weight and belly fat.  It also uncovers the most common mistakes people make such as counter-productive diets and exercise that causes more stress on the body than weight loss. 

 “The Renaissance program is sustaining and people feel so much better and the weight just starts shredding off – it’s just a completely different program,” said Robinson.



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