Cars2Charities, California-based car donation program, is the Bay Area’s best for donors to make a 38% bigger car donation to their favorite charity.

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Cars2Charities helps support charities with car donations in the Bay Area

( — November 16, 2015) Fullerton, CA — Cars2Charities, the innovative vehicle donation service based in Orange County, California, was recently shown to be the best car donation service in the Bay Area of San Francisco. This is important for local donors, as the organization is best known for its work in Southern California. “Research demonstrating we’re the best vehicle donation service in Bay Area is great,” says Edith Hamilton, Development Officer for the company. “This shows that our organization iperhaps the premier donation program in the state. We are helping to maximize the net amount that charities get from car donations in San Francisco and statewide.” To learn more about this charity car donation program, visit .

The organization has helped donors throughout the San Francisco Bay Area give to the charities of their choice. The program takes cars, trucks, SUVs, motorcycles, and recreational vehicles, improves them in all cases where it makes sense to do so — then markets them, giving proceeds directly to whichever non-profit the donor chooses. This is how Cars2Charities differs from other donation programs, which often sell donated cars for a fraction of their worth to scrap yards or at wholesale auctions.

C2C’s innovative process improves donated vehicles’ value dramatically, as shown a study based on donations between 2013 and 2015. It demonstrates a 38% increase in average net to charities vs. the “as was” value of those same vehicles – and a better tax deduction for donorsThe study also indicates that the average price of vehicles sold using the service is almost $1,900 – which is $800 more than the “as is” value donors would get through other programs that process donations through auctions“When you donate a car in the Bay Area, our unique approach tends to provide the best car donation tax deduction for you as a donor,” Edith observes.

Cars2Charities accepts a wide range of vehicles including passenger cars, trucks, SUVs, and motorcycles. Recreational vehicles, campers, trailers, and even golf carts are also accepted by the group. The company makes the process as easy as possible for donors, arranging pickup of the vehicle, handling all required DMV paperwork, and issuing IRS Form 1098-C. The donor gets a tax receipt for the full, actual sale price – which is higher than the donor would typically get with a trade-in or trying to sell it himself in its “as is” condition. “We’re proud of our achievements when you donate a car in the Bay Area and in the state of California,” adds Edith. “As word continues to spread about our service, we will be able to match more donors with the charities they want to support.” To read what others are saying about the company, visit .

About Cars2Charities

The California-based Cars2Charities organization helps non-profits receive much-needed funding through its innovative vehicle donation program. Unwanted vehicles are donated, improved, and sold by the company, letting the charities focus on providing their core services rather than fundraising efforts. The company’s proprietary and groundbreaking service method adds measurable value to the donated cars, trucks, RVs, motorcycles and more — maximizing the net profits going to the charities as well as improving tax deductions for donors.