Scott Tucker will host and co-sponsor a free salad making class next month with Fitness Life Stories.

Scott Tucker
Scott Tucker Salad Making Class

( — November 10, 2015) Boston, MA — Fitness Life Stories, the web center for diverse heath conscious tales from inspirational individuals, will participate in sponsoring the upcoming “Salad Making Class,” hosted by personal trainer and chef Scott Tucker. Tucker will hold the free educational class next month on December 1 in Boston, MA.

“We are looking at this class as an opportunity to help our readership get back on their feet after thanksgiving,” says Fitness Life Stories editor George Freeman. “So many people fall short of their diet and health goals around the holidays and even with the best intentions and goals it can be hard to stay healthy. We are going to co-sponsor this event with Tucker to get a little more involved in the holiday health game, our staff at least will not have an excuse for not eating right this season.”

The free class will be held in Tucker’s home town of Boston, MA at his home where he operates his small personal-chef and catering business. Tucker will teach up to 15 participants how to create filling seasonal salads for personal meals and family sized events for the holidays. The event’s registration page will go up on Thanksgiving day.

“My goal is to give my clients and the readers of Fitness Life Stories a viable choice for healthy food this winter,” says Tucker. “My salad making class sounds a little boring but I can guarantee the food will be very exciting and equally filling as any hearty winter meal would normally be. I want to give people the chance to eat something that is good for them between Thanksgiving and Christmas, not just leftovers working against them and defeating their health goals.”

The attendees of Tucker’s salad making class will be given materials to make three salads of personal size at the class which will take two hours in total to complete. The class will cater to most food allergies and dietary restrictions, participants with calorie or other restrictions will be able to make adjusted salads to meet their needs.

“Our part in the sponsorship will involve providing coverage of the salad recipe’s used by Tucker and donating some of the materials used in the class,” says Fitness Life Stories contributor Brian Burton. “We know Tucker has the rest under control and have confidence in his capacity to be an extraordinary host.”

The most recent Fitness Life Stories article “Salad and Squats,” details many of Tucker’s healthy eating recommendations and fitness tips. Fitness Life Stories will feature the class’s recipes and photos of the salads made by participants after the event this December.

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