Food blogger Scott Tucker will hold a seminar this month on how to make vegetarian holiday meals. Fit Life Forever More will feature the event.

Scott TUcker
Scott Tucker Holds Holiday Meal Seminar

( — December 1, 2015) Philadelphia , PA — Fit Life Forever More, the web center for information on healthy and active lifestyles, will feature the upcoming Scott Tucker “Vegetarian Holiday Meal” seminar this month. The seminar will be held by Scott Tucker in Portland, OR on November 23 ahead of Thanksgiving and Christmas. Tucker will present ideas on how to add vegetarian food to the traditional holiday meals.

“Many people who consider themselves active or fit are vegetarian so we thought this was a good seminar to feature on our site,” says Fit Life Forever More editor Theresa Kramer. “Thanksgiving and Christmas can be hard for vegetarians so this should hopefully help some of our fit friends out in adding some healthy options into the mix. We aim to provide information on events like this as often as possible and appreciate Tucker’s work to create this seminar.”

The free seminar, which will take place in downtown Portland, will begin at 9:00 am on November 23. Tucker’s vegetarian family members will be present to help him educate the event’s attendees. The team will use the stage of a community theater to present dishes they have made vegetarian for the demonstration so that attendees can see real examples.

“My family and I traditionally have a vegetarian holiday meal for at least one of the winter holidays,” says Tucker. “So this year instead of just blogging about my favorite vegetarian dishes that are holiday style, I wanted to hold this seminar to show people in real life what the food looks like. There is a big difference I think when people see something online versus in real life in front of them, it becomes more realistic for them to be able to do it themselves.”

The event will be open with no registration required or tickets needed to attend. A maximum of 100 people will fit into the community theater Tucker will use for the event. Fit Life Forever More will publish additional details on the seminar location and content as details are finalized. Tucker was recently featured on the Fit Life Forever More website, sharing a list of his top healthy meals ideas for the Holiday season.

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