SearchLock, the browser extension developed by Hawaii-based firm BeeStripe, LLC, announced a new version called Autocomplete.

Privacy Enhancing Search Engine Queries
Auto-complete Enhances User Privacy During Search Engine Queries

( — October 28, 2015) Honolulu, HI — The technology firm behind the popular SearchLock privacy extension recently announced a new extension they call Autocomplete. BeeStripe, LLC, the company behind both extensions, added the new Chrome-compatible extension to help enhance user privacy during web searching. The new extension enables privacy-safe search suggestions for existing customers of the company’s groundbreaking privacy tools. Autocomplete works by setting the Chrome browser’s default search engine to the company’s original privacy product through Chrome’s search settings application program interface (API). “Autocomplete is the next step in user privacy,” says Aaron Lovelace, CEO of BeeStripe. “This product is designed to add additional privacy features to protect user data from snooping.” To learn more about the company, visit

Modern web-based search engines often track and store search terms using a technique called “keystroke logging”. These search histories are kept by the companies behind Chrome and Bing, and may lead back to web users. Also, many workplaces monitor employees as they use search engines throughout the day in their office tasks. BeeStripe’s innovative products protect user privacy by detecting tracking attempts and redirecting user search queries in such a way as to foil tracking. The search results are displayed on a secure, encrypted page viewable only by the end user of the company’s products. The original SearchLock extension has been downloaded over half a million times by users on the Google Play store alone, and customers are extremely pleased by the product’s robust features and stout privacy protections. Autocomplete is expected to reach similar levels, adding to the developer’s reputation for smart, privacy-enhancing browser extensions that are easy to use and help secure user data safely.

The company also reached a milestone, receiving certification under the TRUSTe Trusted Download Program. This certification comes from the world’s leading Data Privacy Management Company, and is an achievement the software developer is understandably proud of. “Our company’s growth and success is moving quickly,” added Aaron. “Achieving certification and releasing new extensions to critical acclaim helps our company remain focused on providing the ultimate in web privacy solutions.” To learn more about the company’s innovative products, visit .

About BeeStripe, LLC

SearchLock is an extension designed to use with Chrome, Firefox, and Safari browsers. Developed by the Honolulu, Hawaii-based tech firm BeeStripe LLC, this unique tool helps protect privacy for users when searching on the Web. It also protects against tracking in computer-use monitoring systems used in many workplaces. The company is committed to offering an easy-to-use and secure interface for web visitors, protecting sensitive user data and ensuring the privacy customers demand.

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