JetFlix.TV launching their unique content service on both mobile devices which is soon to be available on Inflight Entertainment Systems.

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( — December 18, 2016) Vancouver, BC –The Subscription Video on Demand (SVOD) business model has largely disrupted the traditional TV broadcast business, with many households abandoning their cable TV packages in favour of mainstream and specialist streaming services like Netflix, Amazon and Crave. According to Nielsen’s, 37 percent of Canadian viewers now use such a service.

On November 1st, Vancouver-based JetFlix.TV launched as the world’s first aviation themed SVOD, offering over 60 full-feature aviation videos, accessible via mobile devices on a monthly subscription basis.

According to JetFlix.TV founder Henry Tenby, “our aviation content is either specially curated or exclusively created in house.” 

Airport videos, airline profiles, aviation fan trips, and historical films from aviation’s golden age all come together in the growing JetFlix.TV archive to offer global aviation fans a one-stop destination in the palm of their hand to “learn, be entertained, and become passionate about aviation” explained Tenby.

Tenby decided to launch the aviation-themed SVOD as a natural continuation and rebranding of his aviation DVD business, which had been in business for about a decade. “People basically stopped buying silver discs. The DVD business essentially died overnight” according to Tenby. 

The JetFlix.TV SVOD business model differentiates itself from YouTube which is an AVOD, or advertising or ad based VOD service that is generally comprised of short duration, low production value video clips. Many specialized niches have been able to create loyal and engaged fan bases within the SVOD business model, and it only makes sense that the aviation sector is ripe for this opportunity.

Reflecting its Canadian roots, JetFlix.TV offers a fair amount of Canadian aviation content, including the entire Air Canada historical film archive, along with full video features on Air Creebec, Air North, NWT Air, the Martin Mars, Hawkair’s Bristol Freighters, the Canadian Forces Boeing 707s, and Yellowknife Airport to name just a few.

Moving forward, JetFlix.TV will be working with airlines, manufacturers and airports that are interested in being featured on the channel. And according to Tenby, “there is no shortage of global aviation partners for us to work with and use their story to inspire.”

“It is not just about the future. The past is just as interesting as it is where we came from as an industry” according to Tenby. Many JetFlix.TV viewers are passionate about aviation and airline history. “So, working with airlines to help digitize, preserve and share their visual film histories and archives is something that is also high on our agenda” explained Tenby.

JetFlix.TV is already in discussions with two large international airlines about providing specialized aviation content as a channel on their inflight entertainment systems. Airlines are looking for new ways to compete and out outdo each other, that do not involve heavy expense and price competition. 

The seat back video screen is a direct access point to the passengers, which keeps them engaged for long periods of time. Aviation is a topic of interest for many airline passengers, and the concept of an aviation channel within the inflight entertainment system holds great promise for JetFlix.TV. 


Henry Tenby, President – JetFlix.TV

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JetFlix.TV is the world’s first aviation themed SVOD platform, offering global aviation fans a growing and unique selection of full-feature aviation videos, accessible via mobile devices on a low cost monthly subscription basis.