Rats can quickly proliferate, do damage to homes, and carry diseases. TBOU is equipped to handle rodent problems and has provided tips on how to pick the best professional for the job.

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(Newswire.net — September 30, 2015) Houston, TEXAS –Texas Bugs-Or-Us, a leading professional pest control company, has revealed several tips on choosing someone to manage rats in the home or business. Pack rats, kangaroo rats, and others are among the over 2,200 species of rodents in the world. They’re often found in the presence of humans because food is plentiful and so is shelter. Rats breed quickly and they are not just creepy or scary to most people; they can be quite dangerous if nothing is done to abate the problem.

An experienced, qualified professional is therefore needed to deal with the issue. Rats have to chew. Their incisors grow constantly and they need to control that. In addition to the constant search for food, they will chew through any container or trash bag. They can even chew through wood, plastic and, if determined enough, concrete. More than 35 diseases are transmitted by rats through direct contact, mosquitoes or fleas, or from either dust in their nests or their feces.

Calvin Thigpen of Texas Bugs-Or-Us said, “It’s important not to choose anyone listed as a rodent control specialist. The presence of rats is an urgent situation. A pest control professional must have the experience, reputation, and licensing to prove they can handle the job. Texas Bugs-Or-Us has many years of proven experience and customer service.”

Picking the right rodent control professional means finding an expert. The ability to take care of the problem quickly and be great at customer service is essential. Also be sure to:
• Look into the company’s experience. Check their website and if there’s information on dealing with the specific problem at hand.
• Obtain recommendations and references from those who’ve used the services.
• Check the Better Business Bureau’s database or the state to see if anyone has complained about the company.
• Compare services and get two or three price estimates; check how long the service agreement is good for in case additional rat control is required.
• Inquire how the area will be treated. What kinds of traps, chemicals, etc.?
• Find out how long the treatment takes and if preventative measures or inspections are included.
• Get all agreements and services to be performed in writing.

For eliminating rats, it’s important to find their feeding and nesting areas. The company must also perform a proper cleanup as anything left behind can be the source of allergies or diseases.

To learn more about Texas Bugs-Or-Us and its services and procedures for removing rats, go to http://www.texasbugsorus.com/rodents/.

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