There are many arthritis sufferers who claim that curcumin supplements have helped them manage their pain and improve their mobility.

( — March 15, 2017) Las Vegas, NV — The widespread scare in the side effects that pain medications may cause has led many arthritis sufferers to consider natural alternatives, such as turmeric. This ancient spice has long been believed to offer health benefits, as well as, possible pain-relieving effects.

Turmeric may potentially put some knee osteoarthritis medications to shame. One of the most popular types of pain medication that millions of arthritis sufferers are using is nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs).

NSAIDs have long been used not just for arthritis, but also for other inflammatory conditions.  They are also widely used by athletes and individuals who engage in intense physical activities.

Due to the possible side effects these medications may cause, many individuals with arthritis are seeking safer, all-natural, and less expensive alternatives, such as turmeric.

In a human clinical study published in the Indonesian Journal of Internal Medicine in April 2012, it was found that turmeric’ s curcuminoid extract may have successfully decreased inflammation for participants with knee osteoarthritis.

The researchers in the study compared the effects of turmeric and a NSAID drug in reducing the secretion of cyclooxygenase -2 (COX-2) by the monocytes of synovial fluid. The participants with knee osteoarthritis were divided into two groups.

The synovial fluid can be found in the synovial joints. The synovial joints work by decreasing the friction in the articular cartilage during movements.

In cases of knee osteoarthritis in individuals who are 85 years old, the immune cells called monocytes triggers the increase of inflammatory COX-2 enzyme activity in the synovial fluid.

It was found that the curcuminoid group experienced a decrease in cyclooxygenase-2 secretion.

The researchers suggested that turmeric may be as effective as an NSAID medication in decreasing knee osteoarthritis symptoms.

In 2010, the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine published a study that found turmeric may be as effective as a pharmaceutical drug in decreasing symptoms of inflammation and pain.

Not only does turmeric contain possible COX-2-reducing and anti-inflammatory effects, it is also safe to use unlike certain NSAIDs that may lead to side effects. Some of the potential side effects linked with the use of these medications are miscarriage, increased cardiac mortality, gastrointestinal bleeding, and seizure.

Individuals who suffer from knee osteoarthritis and want to take advantage of the potential health benefits of curcumin may use supplements. Supplements are popularized by the higher amounts of curcumin they may contain.  

There are many arthritis sufferers who claim that curcumin supplements have helped them manage their pain and improve their mobility. They are also popular as they aren’t associated with any health risks.


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